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Sybille Kuntz - Mosel-Riesling Qualitätswein 2016 Trocken 12.0% 750ml Bottle - all good beer.

Sybille Kuntz - Mosel-Riesling Qualitätswein 2016 Trocken 12.0% 750ml Bottle

all good beer.

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Riesling Qualitätswein is a basic wine of particular quality. The steep-sloped vineyards are located in Kues in the single vineyard sites Kardinalsberg and Weisenstein. The vines of the Riesling Qualitätswein are up to 40 years old and farmed according to biodynamic principles.

We cultivate a spontaneous cover crop to grow in the rows which keeps useful and harmful creatures in a natural balance. Low yield is assured through the pruning of the vines to 8–10 buds/vine. At the end of June, shortly after blossom, manual shoot thinning is done as well as removal of leaves and secondary shoots in the grape zone. This results in light-weight, small-berried grapes perfectly exposed to the sun rays.

Total yield amounts to 50 hl/ha, which is about a bottle of Riesling per vine. What is important for the timing of the harvest is to reach physiological ripeness in mid-October, with sugar readings of around 90° Oechsle (Specific gravity 90° = 1,090 kg/l or 22,5° Brix).

The grapes are collected during harvest in small crates to ensure that they reach the cellar undamaged. In the closed tank press skin maceration lasts a few hours to enhance natural aroma extraction. After an average 12-hour sedimentation period the juice is moved into the fermenter.

Vinification starts with indigenous yeast and takes place in stainless-steel tanks at temperatures of between 16° to 18° C. Initially, fermentation is temperature controlled; the entire fermentation process covers a period of 6 to 8 weeks. The wine is kept on its lees until filtration in spring.

2016 Vintage: The vintage 2016 was finally much better than expected. The excessively wet spring with its considerable empairments for vine growth was quickly forgotten when it got really hot in the summer and the intense sunshine brought a golden October that lasted into the harvest. Especially the dry Riesling wines benefited from the low botrytis of this vintage. The wines show impressive aromatics and complex structure. Exclusively Riesling and no other type of grape grows in our 15 hectares of vineyards in Lieser on the Moselle. Primarily steep slopes with slate soil form the basis on which Riesling has been cultivated for centuries. We are proud to carry forward the craftsmanship of our family tradition. Certified organic winegrowers since 2013, we have extended our operation to biodynamic farming in 2016 – another significant step towards achieving our goals of natural wine growing and natural wine production