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Rémi Sédès - Samplemousse


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Organic / No added Sulphur

Remi’s signature rosé at it’s peak this year. A real balance of structure, aromatics and acidity.

Hailing from the Jura, Rémi studied agronomy when he arrived in the area to live with his Nantes-born wife. He worked for a couple of years with Vincent Caillé, and then spent time honing his red winemaking skills in Bordeaux before setting up on his own in 2013.

Hand harvested. Gentle direct press at 5-6°c. Moved to tank by gravity to avoid oxidation, alchoholic and malolactic fermentation completed in tank. Decanted to lightly settle, bottled in February 2020 with no filtration or sulphur.

Origin: Nantes. France
Grape: 100% Gamay
Vintage: 2020
ABV: 14%
Bottle size: 750ml