Polly's - Angel Feed IPA 6.0% 440ml Can - all good beer.

Polly's - Angel Feed IPA 6.0% 440ml Can

Polly's Brew Co

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All hail the Fog! We were so impressed with our first London Fog fermented beer, Dream Mate, that we’ve gone all out; cropping and cultivating our own bespoke strain unique to Polly’s. First to follow up on this beer is Angel Feed – a straight up, no nonsense IPA; basically our brewers at Polly’s doing what Polly’s do best.
Bringing in a Polly’s stalwart in Mosaic to lead things, we’ve added Loral into the dry hop charge to take the complexity up a level. A so-called “Super-noble” hop, it has all those noble characteristics of those classic hops – floral, peppery and herbal, but with some ultra new school lemon, citrus and dark fruit notes to boot. The result? An IPA bursting with all those typical Polly’s characteristics.