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Polly’s - Idaho 7 Oat IPA 6% 440ml can

Polly’s - Idaho 7 Oat IPA 6% 440ml can

Polly's Brew Co

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With the advent of 2020 came sudden access to a serious amount of hops we had previously only dreamt of brewing with.
Idaho 7 was one of the aforementioned varietals, used by some of our contemporaries as we looked on, green with envy.
We’ve made up for lost time by putting it to serious good use in this beer; featuring a whopping 40kg in the dry hop, we’ve amplified this beer is loaded to the nines with apricot, red grapefruit, papaya and orange notes initially, before rounding out with black tea and pungent pine flavours to finish.
Not content with a full on juice explosion, we decided to bring this beer up yet another level by upping the oats to over 30% of the mash, bringing a metric tonne of silky smoothness to the mouthfeel.