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Polly’s Brew Co - Electric Sunrise IPA 6.5% 440ml can - all good beer.

Polly’s Brew Co - Electric Sunrise IPA 6.5% 440ml can

Polly's Brew Co

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Despite the best efforts of the weather in the UK currently, Summer has very much arrived and is in full force here, and what better way to celebrate those long hazy days than a mega hazebomb of a beer, trapping all that sunshine into the glass. We've brought in every brewer's new favourite superyeast Kveik to the party to create a beer that has a bucketload of complexity, whilst retaining maximum drinkability. In house favourite combo Citra and Mosaic smashes into the old school duo of Comet and Columbus for a beer that is high on juice, but with that signature old school Polly's bite we love so much. Expect a beer that leaves a Mark in both aroma and flavour, with a swagbag of juicy papaya and passionfruit notes paired up with solid grapefruit and pithy orange, finished with a little spicy complexity on the end