Marlobobo | Mickes Lingon Trip Mead | 12% 375ml Bottle

Marlobobo | Mickes Lingon Trip Mead | 12% 375ml Bottle


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From Marlobobo,

'We had 45 kilos of local lingonberries in our freezer, when a dedicated customer of ours suggested that pear, lingon and vanilla is a fabulous combination. We had already made some pear meads of the juicy and aromatic Celina pears we managed to get our hands on during the 2022-harvest, and were eager to try. We did quite a lot of blending tests before we ended up on the ratios in this final product.

Pears are subtle in flavor and easily overpowered, while the lingonberries needs some sweetness to shine. The final blend takes both into account and takes you on a trip of nuances, changing on every sip. The Ugandan vanilla beans used are very present, giving a perceived sweetness that heightens the fruit without making the drinking experience cloying. The light caramel notes from the Ugandan variety also pairs well with, and complements, the fruity and floral wildflower honey used.

We often get suggestions of what to make, but this is the first that we actually make and release. What more fitting than naming it after the man himself - Micke!'