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Landron Chartier - Natürlich Pet Nat Rouge - all good beer.

Landron Chartier - Natürlich Pet Nat Rouge


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Your friends should be rolling out the red carpet for you when turning up with this absolute banger.

To put it simply; you're setting the juice loose here. You're friends are going to trust your taste so much they'll be passing you the aux chord and asking you to select the music before you've even finished the first glass.

An easy drinking ruby red sparkling Gamay which will get both the aficionados and the casual drinker dropping their panties before you've had the chance to say:

"Any added sulphur?"

(That's a no by the way)

Origin: Nantes, France
Grape: Gamay Debouze
Vintage: 2020
Bottle size: 750ml
ABV%: 12%