Kelley Fox | Nerthus

Kelley Fox | Nerthus


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From Kelley: 

I’m excited to offer you this delicious wine made of 34% Early Muscat, 34% Pinot gris, 18% Riesling, and 14% Pinot blanc. This year, I decided to whole cluster press all of the fruit at picking except for a couple of fermenters of skin-contact Pinot gris (one pigeage per day, pressed at dryness). Because of the timing of picks this year, each component was fermented separately, and the final wine was blended after all wines were finished. It was allowed to complete malolactic fermentation. Élevage was in stainless tanks until bottling.

This Nerthus is brilliant, transparent pale peach in colour with hints of pale pink. It’s visually very pleasing and the nose and mouth are even more so. The nose is full of fresh peach and honeysuckle notes along with powdery minerality. Though bone dry, there is mouth-watering peach character that is carried nicely by the refreshing acidity and lovely texture. This alpine-fresh wine is a real joybringer. It feels like spring, and I wholeheartedly enjoy making this wine every year.


Origin: Oregon, USA 

Grape: Muscat, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Pinot Blanc

Vintage: 2022

ABV: 12.5%

750ml Bottle