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Jean Baptiste Souillard - Marsanne 2017 12.0% 750ml Bottle - all good beer.

Jean Baptiste Souillard - Marsanne 2017 12.0% 750ml Bottle

all good beer.

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Jean Baptise Souillard
Wine: Marsanne VDF
Region: Ardeche, France
Grape: Marsanne
Colour: White
Alcohol: 12%
The Marsanne comes from a 0/2ha portion of vines near Montpellier on north facing, clay-limestone soils, planted in the 1980s and 1990s.

Jean Baptiste’s winery is based in the hills above Andance, halfway between Ampuis and Tain-l’Hermitage on the right bank of the Rhone. His father was director of the Cave de Saint-Desirat, the largest cooperative in the region. Jean-Baptiste is a serious young winemaker, preferring to make glorious vin de garde, rather than the (currently) on trend vin de soif styles made all over the World. He worked with Benjamin Leroux at Comte Armand in Pommard and decided in 2014 to start his own micronegoce, “a small chez moi” as he describes it.

Farming and Winemaking
Jean Baptiste seeks freshness in his wines, so has sought out vines mainly on the top of slopes, from the tetes de coteaux, as well as being planted on granite. All his vineyards are listed as ‘lute raisonnee’.

His Vins de France whites are partially crushed, his ‘village’ or ‘cru’ whites are lightly crushed. He uses small vertical presses to extract some tannin and bitterness for his whites to give them support and ageability—”la voie de amers” (the bitter road)... He likes to ‘explode’ the whites with air, allowing for the use of no sulphur in the beginning by oxidizing the wines early. Classic elevage, old school principles.

1 to 2 month alcoholic fermentation and 12 months ageing in old oak barrels. 100% malolactic fermentation.