Mark Dredge - A Brief History of Lager

A Brief History of Lager By Mark Dredge

Mark Dredge

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Beer, food & travel writer Mark Dredge brings you a brief history of the world's favourite beer.

It's the world's most popular beer, but lager wasn't always the refreshing golden drink it is today. In this fascinating and engaging book, Mark Dredge dives into the history of lager to reveal:

  • what exactly a lager is and why it was first made underground.
  • the role in lager's creation played by monks, kings, scientists and a soap maker in St. Louis.
  • how lager went from being a dark Bavarian brew to a light American one.
  • how it travelled to every corner of the globe, becoming a local drink wherever it went.
  • how ice, wars, wasps, sport, sunshine and televisions come into it all.

From it's earliest beginnings in 15th-century Germany to its place in beer gardens and bars all over the globe today, this is an in-depth and affectionate exploration of the world's favourite drink.