all good beer club

all good beer club - with Mark Barnes

In the spirit of sharing we are hosting a monthly beer club bottle share at all good beer hackney downs. The last Thursday of every month we will be cracking some very carefully collected & themed sharing bottles. These will be split evenly and tasted as a group.

What's included?

  • half of draught beer on arrival
  • 6/7 tasters of beer (menu & pour size below)
  • 10% discount on all can to takeaway
  • snacks (cheese & brunswick bakehouse bread)

How will it work?

We'll wait for everyone to arrive before cracking the first bottle, while you wait you can treat yourself to something delicious on tap. Once everyone arrives we'll serve some snacks & the first beer, each beer will be served subsequently after until we're through the beers. 

7 tickets per share. £40 per person - cash only. Register below - first come first served



    Thursday 17th October 

    Lickinghole Creek - Redneck High Society - Finn

    Bzart Lambiek Milestone 2016 - Mark 

    Kinn Bryggeri - Bresjnev - Sovjet Staut - 8% 750ml - Ashley 

    Tommie Sjef Cuvee 2018 - Elliot

    Mikkeller 0 IBU, 1000 IBU, 3000 IBU - Jayme 

    Dancing Gnome - Tentacle Squad - Yushi

    Tired Hands - Trapper Pi3 - Shima


    Menu to be announced as people register & submit what they are bringing.


    Thursday 21th November - ticketed


    Thursday 12th December (Christmas Special) - ticketed

    Previous share menus

    Thursday 27th June - 6:30pm

    Thursday 25th July - Black Tuesday I - 6:30pm

    Thursday 29th August - Black Tuesday II - 6:30pm

    Thursday 26th September - Black Tuesday III - 6:30pm