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Domaine St. Cyr - Pet Nat Sparkling Rosé 12.5% 750ml Bottle - all good beer.

Domaine St. Cyr - Pet Nat Sparkling Rosé 12.5% 750ml Bottle

Domaine St. Cyr

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Domain St. Cyr
Wine: Pet Nat Rosé
Region: Beaujolais
Grape: Gamay
Colour: Sparkling Rosé
Alcohol: 12.5%

Raphael Saint Cyr is the forth generation vigneron at the, newly named, Domaine Saint Cyr. Formerly Domain de Bellevue, started by Raphael's great-grandfather, they are based in Anse in the southern edge of Beaujolais.

Raphael took over in 2008 and immediatly took over vines in the Northern crus of Morgon, Regnié, Chénas and Moulin-à-Vent.

Farming and Winemaking
As well as taking over the Northern crus, Raphael also converted the entire 23 hectares Domain to certified organic. Each cuvee is split into single veneyard parcels, with the terroir the name for each wine. All cuvees are fermented in concrete tanks and then aged in old barrels for 12-18 months.

With more people scrubbing up Gamay and planting Chardonnay in the hopes that it will be a more versatile group, Raphael is proving there is no need. 2017 is the first vintage of his 100% Gamay Pet Nat.