Brick - Strawberry & Cucumber Sour 4.5% 330ml Can - all good beer.

Brick - Strawberry & Cucumber Sour 4.5% 330ml Can

Brick Brewery

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The latest in our Sour Series, we aimed to encompass the best flavours of a typical British summertime and throw it into a beer… just in time for this BBQ appropriate weather we are very much enjoying. Inspired by quintessential picnics on the beach, BBQs and countryside adventures and using ingredients synonymous with British summer time, the combination of strawberries and cucumbers evokes memories of sunny afternoons spent with friends and family; just how we want this beer to be enjoyed… (our beer version of that typical summertime drink, most famously drank and Wimbledon).

A sessionable 4.5% makes it perfect to enjoy on a hot, summer’s day; the strawberry adds a fresh sweetness whilst the cucumber adds a refreshing and cooling balance to the tartness of the sour beer.