Dinner with Pressure Drop - all good beer.

Dinner with Pressure Drop

all good beer.

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Dinner with Pressure Drop!

March 5th 6:30PM

Welcome to the first episode of our Dinner with series. This month we welcome the almighty Pressure Drop into Downmarket. This is a chance for you to get to know the brewers and the team at Pressure Drop while sharing a few cold ones and a bowl of noodles from our Neighbours Wahdee. 

While we wait for everyone to arrive you'll be given a delightful Pale Fire and some Shan Tofu to kick you off. We'll then introduce everyone from the brewery, scatter them across the tables for informal discussion while digging into a bowl. We will be serving 5 Pressure Drop beer from a range of different styles. The brewery will introduce each beer explaining the story, inspiration and target flavour of each. Once dinner is over, we will have a short Q&A with the brewery so you can ask them anything - future plans, hardest beer to make, favourite customers etc. We will have loads of Pressure Drop cans as well so you can take some away with you.