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Oktoberfest Bundle

Oktoberfest Bundle


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Enjoy Oktoberfest in the comfort of your own home this year with a selection of 8 Festbiers brewed especially for the worlds most iconic beer festival.

Each bundle contains...
1x Weihnstephaner Festbier 5.8%
1x Ayinger Festmärzen 5.8%
1x Paulaner Oktoberfestbier 6.0%
1x Erdinger Oktoberfest Weißbier 5.7%
1x Löwenbräu Oktoberfestbier 6.1% 
1x Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier 6.3%
1x Spaten Oktoberfestbier 5.9%
1x Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest Märzen 5.8%

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