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Succés Vinicola - Patxanga Rosado 2017 11.5% 750ml Bottle - all good beer.

Succés Vinicola - Patxanga Rosado 2017 11.5% 750ml Bottle

all good beer.

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Succés Vinicola
Wine: Patxanga Rosado
Vintage: 2016
Region: Conca de Barbera
Soil: Clay and Limestone
Grape: Trepat
Colour: Rosé
Alcohol: 11.5%

Bursting with soft red fruits, this has a refreshing and vibrant nose, sometimes described as 'slightly funky' which we think is a good thing!

Albert Canela and Mariona Vendrell started making wine in 2011 when they were just twenty. Based in the hills of Conca de Barberà, south-west of Barcelona in Catalonia and with investment from the local region, the couple farm organically and buy great grapes from old time farmers. In a region largely planted to produce cheap cava and rosé, Albert and Mariona have taken a different path and are pioneers in showing the potential for indigenous Trepat and Paralleda grapes to make pure and vibrant still wines.

Farming and Winemaking
Albert and Mariona work organically with their 40 year-old Trepat vineyard to produce the Patxanga Rosé. The fruit is hand picked from the goblet vines, then hand sorted, before being direct-pressed and spontaneously fermented with indigenous yeasts. The use of sulphur is also kept to a minimum which allows the purity of their fruit to shine; this is about as 'natural' and low intervention as you can get. benchmark Trepat Rosé from some of the most respectful and humble people.